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June 2008

Patient Data: Male 60 years

Clinical Info: Painful palpable mass

Longitudinal image of the large irregular hypoechoic mass anterior of the sternum with irregular contour of the sternum and typical linear hyperechoic densities perpendicular to the sternum which are typical for periostal reaction of the sunburst type

Extended field of view shows the extension of the tumor

e flow shows a highly vascularized mass with irregular pattern

Lateral X ray of the sternum shows the typical sunburst type periosteal reaction

MRI of the mass shows not only the extension of the tumor on the anterior aspect but also dorsal of the sternum. There is an abnormal signal intensity of the sternum.

Axial MRI image shows the extension of the mass.

A histological biopsy was performed that proved the tumor to be a plasmocytoma
A plasmacytoma is a malignant monoclonal plasma cell tumor growing either in bone or soft tissue. The thorax is not an uncommon site of these tumors.

Jeung MY, Gangi A, Gasser B, Vasilescu C, Massard G, Wihlm JM, Roy C.Imaging of chest wall disorders. Radiographics. 1999 May-Jun;19(3):617-37.

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