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October 2011

Patient Data: Female patient 76 years old

Clinical Info: Enlarged thyroid gland

Transverse image of the isthmus with an abnormal thickened hypoechoic thyroid gland

Another transvere image of the isthmus with hypoechoic nodules

Transverse image of the left thyroid lobe with a large hypechoic mass

Another transverse image of an abnormal left thyroid lobe

Longitudinal image of the left thyroid lobe

Transvere image of the right thyroid lobe

Another transverse image of the right thyroid lobe

Longitudinal image of the right thyroid lobe. Biopsy proved the thyroid masses to be a marginal zone lymphoma These extranodal cancers are also called mucosa-associated lymphatic tissue lymphomas,or MALT lymphomas.

This is the transverse image of another abnormal enlarged right thyroid lobe of a 43 year old female patient

Longitudinal image of the same right thyroid lobe

Transverse color doppler image of the right thyroid lobe, without increased vascularity

Longitudinal image of the inhomogeneous right thyroid lobe shows minimal vascularity

The left lobe is normal. Although the lesion in the right lobe is solid hypoechoic and ill defined biopsy in this case proved this to be a granulomatous inflammation without any signs of malignancy

Both cases show some uncommon pathology of the thyroid gland. In these cases the definitive diagnosis could only be made through a biopsy procedure

For more examples of malignant thyroid masses see

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