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September 2013

Patient Data: Female patient 66 years old

Clinical Info: Palpable mass in the midline cranial to the thyroid gland

Intracystic mass in a midline cyst cranial to the thyroid

Another longitudinal image of the same intracystic lesion showing tiny echogenic foci

Transverse image of the same lesion

The lesion is vascularized

Another longitudinal mass showing the vascularity

Transverse image of the same lesion

Transverse image of the normal thyroid

Longitudinal image of a normal thyroid lobe

Transverse image of a normal right thyroid lobe

Transverse image of a normal left thyroid lobe

The midline cyst is a thyroglossal cyst They can have echogenic contents due to infection of the cyst. It should not contain irregular soft tissue masses. This mass also contains small calcifications making it very suspicious for a papillary carcinoma. Biopsy confirmed the presence of a papillary carcinoma in a thyroglossal cyst with a normal thyroid gland. There were no pathological lymph nodes and the patient recovered well after surgical treatment

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