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June 2014

Patient Data: 60 year old female

Clinical Info: Patient known with a liver abnormality, but now something has changed

Liver with an abnormal structure and something in the hepatic veins

There is still flow along the stucture

Another image of the stucture which is a thrombus in a liver vein (Budd Chiari)

With color doppler again there is flow along the thrombus

Thronbus in the hepatic vein

And flow along the thrombus transverse

Detail of the liver with biliary duct hamartomas

Another image of the the von Meyenburg complexes

The patient was known with von Meyenburg complexes or liver hamartomas of the liver There are now however thrombi in the hepatic veins. There is flow along the thrombi. Thrombi in hepatic veins is also called Budd Chiari syndrome

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