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April 2015

Patient Data: 55 year old female patient

Clinical Info: She has a painless lump on her head

At first glance the lesion looks hypoechoic and could be mistaken for a fluid collection or an old hematoma

With proper settings the lesion proved to be for a part anechoic fluid and for a part hypoechoic

Another image of the mass

The hypoechoic part has internal echos

With color doppler this part is vascularized

Another image with color doppler

60734-Mijn_Film_1.swf MRI

60735-Mijn_Film_2.swf MRI 2

60739-Mijn_Film_3.swf MRI 3

60740-Mijn_Film_4.swf MRI 4

60741-Mijn_Film_5.swf MRI 5

60742-Mijn_Film_6.swf MRI 6

60743-Mijn_Film_7.swf MRI 7

This is also a female patient 28 years old also with a painless lump on the head

Although the mass is solid it has no vascularity with color doppler

MRI of this patient

Another MRI

The first lesion proved to be a large cell B lymphoma. It must be differentiated from the much more common lipoma from the second patient

For other masses on the head see

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