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July 2016

Patient Data: 27 year old female

Clinical Info: Patient has very lumpy breasts on both sides but denies to have had any operation of the breasts

Abnormal aspect of both breasts on both sides. The patient denies to have had an operation. What could have caused the abnormal aspect?

Another image of the same breast

The contralateral side looks exactly the same

Some parts of the breast are completely obscured and there looks like an abnormal axillary lymph node

The axillary lymph nodes are abnormal

They are abnormal on both sides

This is the breast of a 50 year old patient who was operated on more than 15 years ago. What do you see?

There is a breast prosthesis with intra and extra capsular leakage of silicone material

This is the typical aspect of silicone material outside of the prosthesis

The wall of the prosthesis has folded inwards causing what is sometimes referred to as a stepladder sign

This patient also has silicone particles in the axillary lymph nodes

The first patient has had free silicone injections in the breasts. The presence of free silicone material makes an ultrasound examination impossible. Unfortunately for the patient a mammography is also a problem
The second patient has had a silicone implant placed that is leaking. The free silicone material causes typical artefacts. Both patients also have silicone material in the axillary lymph nodes

For more examples of patients with leaking breast implants see

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