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August 2016

Patient Data: Female patient 63 years old

Clinical Info: Persistent swelling after a trauma of the ankle

Transverse image of the lesion on the dorsal side of the ankle

Longitudinal image of the lesion on the dorsal side of the ankle

Transverse image of the lesion with compression

Longitudinal image with color shows the artery with a small neck entering the lesion

The neck fills part of the lesion but a large part doesn't show flow

Transverse color Doppler image

Transverse image with e-flow. Part of the mass doesn't show any flow. We thought it was a false aneurysm partially filled with thrombus. An MRI was made to confirm.

64918-Mijn_Film_1.swf MRI

64919-Mijn_Film_2.swf MRI 2

64920-Mijn_Film_3.swf MRI 3

64921-Mijn_Film_4.swf MRI 4

The lesion proved to de a false aneurysm in an unusual place partially filled with thrombus. It was successfully treated with a thrombin injection

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