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October 2016

Patient Data: 75 year old male

Clinical Info: Jaundice

Dilatated bile ducts in the liver

Another image of the liver

The common bile duct is not visible

The pancreas is normal and the distal common bile duct is not dilatated

The gallbladder is contracted so the obstruction is at the level of the liver hilum

64953-Mijn_Film_1.swf CT 1

64954-Mijn_Film_2.swf CT 2

This is an image of an 80 year old female patient with the same type of lesion that was treated with a stent draining the right part of the liver

Transverse image of the mass with centrally located stent

Some of the bile ducts are completely obscured

Unfortunately for the patient she has developed a cholecystitis which eventually had to be drained percutaneous

Transverse image of the gallbladder

Unfortunately a week later the gallbladder perforated

Another image of the perforated gallbladder

64960-Mijn_Film_1.swf CT 1

64961-Mijn_Film_2.swf CT 2

64962-Mijn_Film_3.swf CT 3

Both patients had Klatskin tumors or a centrally locatated cholangiocarcinoma. In the second patient a cholecystitis had developed that perforated so it had to be drained percutaneously. These tumors can't be removed surgically so they are usually treated palliatively with a stent

For more examples of Klatskin tumors and other cholangiocarcinomas see

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