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July 2018

Patient Data: Middle aged male patient examined for SONOZORG a primary care ultrasound facility

Clinical Info: Incidental finding

The lesions are A Metastases B Hemangiomas C Hamartomas D Focal fatty liver

Here are four images of the same patient

Here are some more images of the same patient

Another series of images of the liver

Here are some more images of the same patient

Here is the liver of another patient with the same focal fatty liver changes

This is a third patient with more confluating focal fatty liver changes

This is the liver of another patient. When focal liver changes look like this it is called multinodular focal liver disease and can very well be mistaken for metastases or haemangiomas.In these cases an MRI can help. Using the combination of in-phase (IP) and opposedphase (OP) gradient-echo imaging (low signal intensity in OP images compared with IP images) Also contrast-enhanced ultrasound has been reported to reliably distinguish MNFIL from metastatic liver

The lesions in these cases all proved to be focal fatty liver changes.

For more cases of focal fatty changes see

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