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December 2018

Patient Data: 2 patients one slightly elderly male and one female examined for SONOZORG a primary care ultrasound facility. Both with palpable lesions. Which one is benign and which one malignant

Clinical Info: Palpable mass

The first patient has two lesions this is the largest one

This is the second lesion of the first patient

Another image of both lesions

The lesions are vascularized

The other lesion of the first patient is also vascularized

This is the lesion of the second patient

Transverse image of the lesion of the second patient

This lesion is also vascularized

Transverse image

This is another example of the same type of lesion in a second patient

And this lesion is also vascularized

The lesions of the first patient proved to be a malignant myxofibrosarcoma and the lesion of the second patient proved to be a benign nodular fasciitis.
Both lesions have unsharp borders and so we could not exclude malignancy. If you look at the location of the nodular fasciitis perhaps that could have helped you in the differential diagnosis.
But both patients were referred for biopsy and further treatment

For more examples of malignant and benign soft tissue tumors see

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