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January 2019

Patient Data: 2 patients examined with hip complaints for SONOZORG a primary care ultrasound facility

Clinical Info: Hip pain

This is the acetabular labrum of the first patient with a large tear

Another image of the first patient

Detail of the tip of the labrum

Transverse image of the first patient

This is the second patient with reflective material in the labrum

The reflective material is air

Another image of the second patient

Last image of the second patient

This is a patient with labral cysts

Transverse image of the patient with labral cysts

The first patient had a labral tear and the second patient had air in the labrum caused by degeneration or a tear. It can be the result of injecting air in the hip joint
This patient had not been injected with air, but injecting air in the hip joint makes a labral tear visible when air is accumulated in the labrum.

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